Hand Tied Hair Extensions 


The most natural looking, comfortable, customizable hair extensions on the market.

​Hand tied wefts lay flat against the head so your new locks are undetectable. These hair extensions are comfortable, lightweight, and will not slip out. You can wear your hair in any style - even a topknot - and easily hide the wefts. These hair extensions are designed for every hair type - fine, medium, or thick. They're customized to YOU!

 This method is the healthiest way to add length, body, and fullness to your hair. They require no glue, tape, or heat to apply and removal is quick and most importantly painless.

You'll see no damage to your natural hair if cared for properly

(and they are truly not as hard to maintain as you may think).

​The hair extensions you receive will be European silicone-free hair. This is the highest quality and longest lasting hair on the market. Your hair extensions will last 6+ months and maintenance appointments will fall every 6-8 weeks.

​​Every guest receives a completely customized experience to ensure your extensions are seamless. Pricing can only be quoted after an in salon consultation since every

guest will have different needs.

​Think this might be the hair you've always dreamed of? Find out if hand tied extensions are right for you. The first step is to complete the consultation form below!